What are you looking at?


Technology is moving ever faster. For those of us that try to keep up, it can seem that by the time we get our heads around it, it’s out of date.
The security industry is no different.
The Pan,Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) camera has long been a staple of the CCTV industry, a standard component in most installations. Take a look at any construction site, and you’ll invariably see a PTZ protecting the premises. And why not? One camera with a view of approximately 90degrees which can pan around a full range of 360degrees and cover large areas surely makes sense. Or does it?

I was recently asked to survey a site where, although it had what appeared to be an extensive remotely monitored CCTV system, there had been an increase in theft, not only in number, but in the value of the goods stolen. After a review of the site and the camera footage, the reason was clear. The system was very much a traditional design, a mix of motion detectors and PTZ cameras. On detection of motion, the remote monitoring station received an alert, and then dialled into the cameras. They spotted someone on site walking a dog, and used the camera to follow him as he left the site. However, as this was going on, the thefts were being carried out, and because the camera is looking in another direction and can only view 90degrees at a time, it all happened away from the prying eyes of the monitoring station.

As the thieves get smarter and more resourceful, the only solution is to counter with smarter equipment. FreedomCAM is a smarter, better solution. FreedomCAM uses multiple cameras to provide constant, full 360degree coverage. And the addition of intelligent 360degree long range motion detection means that it can’t be fooled, even by multiple simultaneous attacks. With full 360o coverage 24 hours a day 365 days per year and needing no power, phone lines or any external cabling at all, FreedomCAM not only protects your assets but protects itself as well. HD quality imagery and live audio give us the tools we need to deter, detect and give the Police the information they need to detain any unlucky person, or their accomplices, who attack a site protected by FreedomCAM.

The FreedomCAM solution gives you full site coverage, both visual and audible, with all cameras coming back to our experienced, fully SIA approved contractor monitoring station. Able to be deployed on site in under an hour with no needs for any mains power or telephone lines, FreedomCAM is the ideal solution to quickly and effectively protect your assets.

John Smith