We don’t just do Security – Site Safety is important too!


After a meeting with an existing client today, it made me think sure we do security but we also do, just as importantly, safety systems.

  • 133 workers killed at work
  • 78 000 other injuries to employees reported under RIDDOR
  • 28.2 million working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury
  • Above are some general Health and Safety statistics for Great Britain for 2013/14. The reason I haven’t narrowed it down to a specific industry sector is because H&S affects us all. Whether, as my client who I met earlier, you are working on the rail networks or in the construction industry or any other industry for that matter, the smallest deviation from the safety standards can lead to huge consequences up to and including death.Sometimes having an extra set of eyes and ears overseeing your operation can be a godsend. The shear fact that you are being watched can be a deterrent from taking that short cut, bending the rules or taking that unnecessary risk. We have seen it all over the years and unfortunately in the litigious environment we now live in there are also cases on people causing injuries, sometimes very serious, for the insurance pay out.

    FreedomCAM can help you deter this behaviour and if an incident happens, give you eyes and ears to tell you exactly what happened and often why. If you ask two different people to recall and incident you will get two different versions, sometimes completely different.

    FreedomCAM never lies, never get confused and never has an ulterior motive. FreedomCAM only shows what actually happened.

    The FreedomCAM solution gives you full site coverage, both visual and audible, with all cameras coming back to our experienced, fully SIA approved contractor monitoring station.

    Able to be deployed on site in under an hour with no needs for any mains power or telephone lines, FreedomCAM is the ideal solution to quickly and effectively protect your assets.

    For more information please contact us at deploy@freedom-cam.com where we’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

    Neil Alexander

    The following credits are acknolwedged:
    The Health & Safety Executive