Rise in Metal Theft


According to the Home Office, metal theft costs the UK economy £220 million each year and with current metal prices the way they are, there is no sign of this reducing anytime soon.
The theft of metal is a major issue. The resulting problems can be far more than just replacing the stolen items themselves and the associated cost. In many incidents the metal or cabling stolen can be very difficult to replace with associated health and safety issues for the works.

We recently had a customer call us who had a cable stolen that had been cut through whilst live and carrying high voltage. The blast mark alone on the wall adjacent to the cut tells you this was an incredibly dangerous act, but one that criminals are currently willing to undertake.

At the recent Metal theft summit, held by the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, the issue was discussed on great detail with over 100 delegates attending from the construction industry, utilities and rail sectors and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to name but a few.
David McGown, Deputy Assistant Chief Officer of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service even gave an example of a theft of only 4m of cable that had resulted in 3 house fires.

There are many ways to try to counter thefts from your premises or site ranging from passive cameras to marking and tracking the items.
All of these solutions have their place but we at FreedomCAM want to be there to stop the crime before it happens. Therefore we believe the only true way to combat the issue is with Pro-active, live monitored HD cameras.

The FreedomCAM solution gives you full site coverage, both visual and audible, with all cameras coming back to our experienced, fully SIA approved contractor monitoring station.
Able to be deployed on site in under an hour with no needs for any mains power or telephone lines, FreedomCAM is the ideal solution to quickly and effectively protect your assets.

For more information please contact us at deploy@freedom-cam.com where we’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Neil Alexander