Could your digger be about to disappear?


UK Construction site theft costs £800 Million a year according to the leading insurer Allianz Cornhill.
With less than 10% recovery rate the theft of plant it’s not surprising that plant is a massive target and something that you need to protect from theft. Should those JCBs be on that flat bed, do you know if they’re yours on someone else’s?

I was chatting with one of our customers this week about how you protect a vehicle from being stolen and the answer we came to was, you can’t. Sure you can have an immobiliser, a tracker, make it more difficult to break in to the cab or a number of other deterrents but if I can move it, lift it and generally get it on to a flat bed or a trailer then it can be stolen.

A lot of plant have very few or sometimes even none of these “deterrents”. So if you can stop it being stolen itself, what can you do?? You can protect the area in which it is being stored be that a yard or on a site itself and the best way to do this is with FreedomCAM.

The same customer and I also had a discussion about an alternative tower based camera system that he had used in the past and how the tower itself is unsecure. It could be “taken out” in many ways not least switching off the diesel generator it was reliant on.

FreedomCAM is different. FreedomCAM is better. FreedomCAM is secure.

With full 360o coverage 24 hours a day 365 days per year and needing no power, phone lines or any externally cabling at all FreedomCAM not only protects your assets but protects itself as well. HD quality imagery and live audio give us the tools we need to deter, detect and give the Police the information they need to detain any unlucky person who decides to “have a go” at a FreedomCAM protected site. The FreedomCAM solution gives you full site coverage, both visual and audible, with all cameras coming back to our experienced, fully SIA approved contractor monitoring station.

Able to be deployed on site in under an hour with no needs for any mains power or telephone lines, FreedomCAM is the ideal solution to quickly and effectively protect your assets.

For more information please contact us at where we’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Neil Alexander


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